My first book for Haynes Manuals -
an introduction to building scale model plastic kits

This is intended as a general introduction to the hobby, this isn't a 'step-by-step, cement part 1 to part 2' type of book. Instead the aim is an over-view and to cover all aspects of what goes into the design, making, producing, buying, building, painting and detailing the plastic construction kit

There are 12 chapters, plus an introduction by Dr David Baker and an Appendix of all current model kit companies from around the world.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Beginning

Just what is a scale model? And how they are not just the preserve of the hobbyist

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Manufacturer

How the companies go about choosing a new subject, then how it actually made

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Scale

The thorny matter of 'scale'. How 'conventional' scales came about, and why some scales are not conventional, but they are still 'scales'

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Range

"Can I get a model of this?" - probably

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : Tools

What you need - from a basic built, to something a bit more complex, and an ideal place to do it!

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Paint

From tinlets to spray cans; enamel to acrylic, and a few tips on how to use an airbrush

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 : Build

How to go about a basic build, starting with alternatives 1 and 2 - snipping or cutting parts from the runners. Preferably not alternative 3 - ripping them off as if there's no tomorrow...

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 : Decals

Most kits have some form of markings - so how to deal with them. And if it doesn't exist, how you can make your own.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 : Scenes

Putting the finished result into some sort of setting A few pointers on how to display your model with something other than what comes with the kit

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : Advancing

Alternative materials to polystyrene and how 3D printing could change everything...


Chapter 11

Chapter 11 : Collecting

"I'm a builder not a collector", is the cry, but the stash grows and you find yourself with more than you can possibly build - so a become a collector by default?

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 : Clubs

Modelling needn't be totally inward looking - there are like-minded individuals out there as well!