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As it is intended as a quick 'rough and ready' upload facility, I'm not making it fancy!

[All photos are low-resolution - unless noted otherwise - © Mat Irvine.]


BBC TV's Stargazing Live coverage of Tim Peake's launch in December 2015

This was at the London Science Museum

left-right Dara O'Briane, Brian Cox, Chris Hadfield

models are a modified Ogonjek Soyuz and Mach-2 Soyuz rocket

Stargazing Live





New Horizons model; used for BBC-2's StarGazing Live, March 2015.
1:8 scale



As of 17th December 2008

Discussions about the size of a "1:48 scale Skylab" have recently been mentioned - mainly as it was thought to be "far too big". But frankly it's not that large. Its solar panel span is less than Monogram's 1:72 scale B-36, and its overall bulk no more than the same company's 1:72 scale Full Stack Space Shuttle. Add kits such as Renwal's 1:4 scale Visible Automobile Chassis; Revell's 1:96 Saturn V or the new Japanese submarine kits from Lindberg - all of five feet long, and a 1:48 scale Skylab is smaller than all of these.

Pictures. The first shows a contemporary image of Patrick Moore with the Skylab model in a The Sky at Night studio, at the time of the mission, so we are talking 1973 or 1974. Next shows the 50th Anniversary of the programme in 2007, with the same model (and the same Patrick) on the far left. The third image shows the same 50th programme, but this time with the models displayed in a different area. Note the 1:48 scale Skylab is about the same height as a 1:144 scale Ares 5! A 1:144 scale Skylab is just hidden behind the central Space Shuttle.






As of 10th November 2006

The Ares 1B and V as proposed by NASA for the next generation of manned spaceflight. These are 1:144 conversions using Airfix Shuttle components and EMA tubing.



As of 27th August 2006

These show one of the the M-113 armoured carriers as used by NASA at KSC. © NASA


As of 1st June 2006

The only photo I took of the 'Gemini' capsule from the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice, while on display at the Bond Exhibition at the Portsmouth Dockyard in 1998.


The chase craft used during the launch and return of the first successful private space launch, that of SpaceShipOne, in June 2004 at Mojave, California.

This is the three used, photographed as they returned in formation.

Left-right, they are the Extra 300, Beech Starship and Alpha Jet.

SS1 Chase Craft

The first six in the X Planes series, by Kay Enterprises, Arizona, issued in 2001

XPlanes - set

Vista Replica's 1:144 scale Skylab

Vista Replica's 1:144 Skylab



AMT XB-70 and Monogram X-15A-3 conversion

AMT XB-70 combined with a Monogram X-15 converted to an A-3


Previous someone has asked about photographs I did in late 1969 when I was working as a picture researcher for BBC TV News during the time of Apollo, specifically in this case, Apollo 12..
As is well known, (well should be in The Group), live Lunar surface images were lost when Al Bean pointed the TV camera at the Sun! Consequently for that evening's News I mocked-up a series of photos that showed the astronauts walking over to Surveyor 3, and removing the camera.

Here is a selection - including a real photograph of the mission that we didn't get back until afterwards.
Frankly I'm very surprised I got it so close - even the position of the LM on the horizon! I'd like to claim inside knowledge, but I think it was luck...
(Remember these model shots were done 35 years ago - and with a viewfinder camera!)

Apollo 12 - Model Shot of baseApollo 12 - Model shot - Surveryor

Apollo 12 - actual shot of SurveyorApollo 12 - Model Shot - Surveyor


The Hubble Space Telescope array that was returned to British Aerospace in Bristol in February 1994.

These are some of the photos I took at the time, both of the array and the deployment mechanism.

Close up of the solar array as returned to BAe Bristol, Feb 1994

HST - Returned Solar array - BAe Bristol Feb 1994

Array deployment mechanism

Array deployment mechanism

and just prove I was there ... me and broadcaster and astronomer Heather Couper, looking very fetching in our clean room gear...

Mat Irvine & hetaher Couper in ther clean room at BAe Bristol for the return of the Hubble solar array - February 1994

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