This is the new website -
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NOTE - the old website finally closed, Monday 23rd May 2016
However for the last year it was only re-directing you to here!
So it lasted almost 20 years, from April 1997 until May 2016

Many pages remain 'as before', others are modified.
'Space Sites' is now 'Travel', (with some new items)
while 'Talks' has its own direct link (also with some new items)
A few however have gone completely...

(...there was no point in running an on-line photo library, when the vast majority is all out there anyway)

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NEW BOOK - Haynes Model Builders' Manual Haynes
check BIOG page or its own page

UPDATED - the Talks page

There's a reasonably NEW addition to The Model Services page

I webmaster four other sites,
click logos to take you direct.
The Astronomical Society of Haringey
Glencoe Models
Hanslope Village Hall
venue for the HaMeX Events



HaMeX itself; smallspace, The Model Market and MEDIA MODELLING

Click on the logo - right - to take you to the main HaMeX site.
Two shows are detailed below.
All four can be accessed direct from the HaMeX Home Page, plus the two shows currently 'taking a break'

The third model show was added in 2012. This centres around space, science fiction and fantasy modelling - and is named after this website - so smallspace

Started in 2018, MEDIA MODELLING, the 'Spring' show in April or May that replaces AUTOMODELLISMO and Extreme Weathering - though contains elements of both

Med Mod


The Technical Stuff

The original website on the Demon server, was created in April 1997. Up until now it remained very much in the way it was created way back then, and reached, in perhaps not too logical numbering, Version 14

Now we have Version 15 on a new server. It still uses in the main traditional web-building techniques, in the aim to keep it simple, so that it will download reasonably fast and not clog up increasingly overburdened broadband systems, even those using fibre - and, heavens, some may still be on dial-up!

The MENU - to the left - opens all pages in THIS window, as do links on this main contents page - and other pages. To return here, use the HOME link, either at the top of the menu or at the bottom of each page. (Or use the 'back' button on your browser.)
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Mat Irvine


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