For many years I have given talks to a wide variety of groups and organisations and topics that have included my television career; my interest in space travel; science fiction topics and model making in general. To date most of these talks have come about chance; a session at a science fiction convention or an invitation from a local library or school.

Now I have decided to expand out these talks, and I've even provided a list so you can see what I can do!

Each talk can be tailored to particular requirements, and most also have a selection of objects that can be bought along for display.

All can be made to last from 30 to 60 minutes - longer if required. They are in Power Point format.

Robert vs Flying Saucers There's an odd link between the man who launched the world's first liquid-fuelled rocket - Robert Goddard - and the site of what is supposed to be the world's most famous crash of a UFO - that link being the New Mexican town of Roswell. At the one end of town you will find a recreation of Goddard workshop - a mile away is the UFO Museum! Outside of town is the actual Goddard launch site - less certain is the site of the 'crash'.
explores all the aspects!
Fermilab In the mid-west State of Illinois, is Fermilab, the world's second largest partial beam accelerator (after CERN). Located in corm fields, surrounded by bison, most is underground. The surface level is primarily dominated by the futuristic Wilson Hall. This talk takes a recent look at new experiments at the site, including a trip underground in search of neutrinos
To Spaceport Space Tourism was a topic totally absent in the early days of space exploration. But it changed in the New Millennium with SpaceShipOne setting the pace. Then SpaceX, Blue Origin and Bigelow joined the club, indicating it can all become a reality. Plus it intriguingly links with one of the very few SF novels that has ever dealt with the subject - and this talk includes how the movie of that story could have got made.


It is probably going to be the strangest place you are likely to see, and it is in deepest Wisconsin! The House on the Rock combines the wildest of museums in an Alice in Wonderland setting - see the world's largest carousel; a full size giant squid; the Infinity Room and over 200 dolls houses. It really is ONCE UPON A TIME.


Arthur C

I was fortunate to know Arthur, and other members of the Clarke family, for about 40 years. This is look at his life and times, particularly some of his many ideas, inventions and visions - and it wasn't just the communication satellite, there was much more from this great VISIONARY


Having spent over 20 years in the BBC Visual Effects Department, there's a wealth of facts to be revealed, and stories to be told. This talk is also tied into my book, BBC VFX, co-authored with my colleague, Mike Tucker.

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VFX Cover
Deep Skies

Much of the area of the south-western USA is at a high altitude, and reasonably free of pollution. This was ideal for the location of telescopes - radio and optical; ideal for rocket testing and from where new space tourists will take their Day Trip into Space. It even has the supposed odd sighting of a UFO...

All is revealed in DEEP SKIES



Television's most popular robotic dog first appeared in 1977. But he is still around, making the occasional appearance.

As I've been his sole operator since around 1990, here is the Complete and Utter History....

Space - AISHB

It is somewhat ironic to realise that if President John F. Kennedy had not made the 'We will put a Man on the Moon...' speech in 1961, the whole of the American space industry may have taken a completely different direction...?

SPACE : as it should have been looks at some of these alternatives.

Saturn V
The Sky at Night

I started supplying models to the world's longest running original format television programme in 1971. It was then on and off over the decades, but all culminated with the 50th Anniversary in 2007, where virtually everything that had gone before was featured in the celebrations.

A look back at Sir Patrick and

Pat Moore


Fees will vary, depending on the organisation and distance I have to travel

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