ONE SMALL STEP is an exhibition that is available for hire.

It is managed by Martin Wilkie of Experience Design & Management and designed and written by Mat Irvine. It takes the visitor through the whole of the story of the space age, from the ancient ides of what the heavens could be like, into the far future. The displays can be expanded or contracted to fit a wide range of available venues.



Visitors are welcomed by the 18th Century caricature, Mr Golightly (left and right), along with (below left and right) very bizarre ways to reach the heavens that have been proposed at one time or another.

Even Leonardo da Vinci (directly below) had plans with his ornithopter

Mr Golightly
Lukian Leonardo ShipwithBalls
Tsiolkovsky V2 Me163

The Russian visionary, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (above left) theorised much of what is used today in space. Then the V2 (above) started the modern space age. Rocket engine development continued with such as the German Me-163B Komet (above right).

Sputnik 1 (left) announced the Space Age in 1957, while the BIS were already looking at ways of landing on the Moon (right) with its Lunar Lander - the principles of which were adapted into the Apollo Lunar Module.

Then came the first actual space flight from the Soviets ( below left) and the Americans (below right), while a tiny Alexei Leonov (below centre) performs the first space walk.


Mercury&Gemini Leonov Vostok&Voskhod
Astronaut & LM Leg Apollo11 Apollo crews
Saturn V

ONE SMALL STEP is currently centred around the landing of Apollo 11 on the Lunar surface in July 1969. The bleak aspect of the landing site is emphasised by a vast sea of moondust, with the Apollo LM (and astronauts) in the distance. (Above)

A full-size astronaut figure and one leg of the Lunar Module ( upper left) is ideal for those photo ops, while conspiracy theorists will delight in the Moon Hoaxes panel (right) - or maybe not as this does de-bunk all the 'theories'!

ASTP ISS Shuttle
Viking & Sojourner

From Apollo the space age developed into space stations, currently with the giant multi-national International Space Station (above).

Meanwhile Viking and Sojourner have landed on Mars (left) and who knows, the type of habitat (right) may eventually end up on the Red Planet?

Masr Habitat
SF - Chariot Although this is primarily on factual space, science fiction and SF writers have played an important part. A section looks at some of the SF designs that have solid factual basis - for example the Space Chariot from Lost in Space (left), was built on a 'snow-cat' chassis! 2001
PhotonRocket Alien PhotonRocket

Will we eventually reach the stars? A giant photon rocket (above left and right) could transport many thousands on their way - and what will we meet? Maybe the classic 'grey alien'? (upper centre) Or have we already been visited? The most famous 'possibility' is The Roswell Incident of 1947 in New Mexico. (left and right)

But back on Earth - or just off it - space tourism is about to take off (below) with such as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flights.

Roswell Incident
SS1 SpaceportUS SS1
Toy Shop Toy Shop Toy Shop
Individual displays of such as a multitude of space toys, can be set up. Here installed into traditional cabinets (left and right) or even in a Toy Shop setting - above.
Mat Irvine

One Small Step is managed by Martin Wilkie (right) and designed by Mat Irvine (left)

Contact either for more information.


[Background image - Witch Nebula - NASA/ESA/HST ]

Martin Wilkie