smallspace MODEL & EXHIBITION services

Models are available for both on-screen use (film, TV, adverts)

& museums, displays and exhibitions.

Much of the former may have moved to CGI, but the '3D' approach to models and model-making is still alive and kicking, and many programmes are returning to it.

This particularly applies to displays and exhibitions, where visitors like to be able to deal with something manageable. These can be supplied and set up, both as short term display use or longer-term exhibitions.

Below is a small sample of the types of displays and models available. Some have their own pages - click on appropriate images - others are pictured directly here.

Note although the vast majority detailed here are space, or SF, based; a wide range of car models can also be supplied.
See The Car Page for examples.

Visions in Space, was set up at the Wells and Mendip Museum, in Wells, Somerset.

This was the second show, the first, in 2015, was purely space art, the second show for 2017 featured spacecraft models as well.


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Visions of Space

A large-scale exhibition, (though it can be adapted to smaller venues), is ONE SMALL STEP, that tells the whole story of the 'space age' from ancient times to the far future. It was initially centred around the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Missions, which culminated with Apollo 11 in 1969. 2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11.

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Many spacecraft models have been used in TV programmes over the years, (it's not all Doctor Who and Blake's 7!). These have included Horizon, QED, Tomorrow's World and The Sky at Night. Most recently has been Stargazing Live.

[Photo shows Sir Patrick Moore and Mat Irvine during the filming of the 50th Anniversary programme, 2007]

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A great deal of work has been done for the London Science Museum over the years. Besides acting as Guest Curator for several one-off displays, many of the exhibits in the Space Gallery have been made as permanent or semi-permanent displays

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Science Museum

Skylon - brainchild of rocket engineer Alan Bond of Reaction Engines Ltd - and the model built for a tile company (?).

For details of the build - and the connection to a tile company!

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A few of the other models available

[left] Setting up a display of futuristic spacecraft for a temporary display in Minehead

[right] Full Stack Space Shuttle; Mir Space Station and a second Space Shuttle Orbiter - all 1:48th scale

Shuttle and Mir
The BIS Project Daedalus

[left] Project Daedalus - the BIS plan to send an unmanned probe to Barnard's Star - a mere seven light years distant. Until recently this was the only model ever made of this craft.[right] The full scale Sojourner Mars Rover initially built for the Science Museum. It now travels as part of the One Small Step exhibition

1:1 scale Sojouner Mars Rover
1:8 scale Viking Lander
[left] Viking Lander - one of the pair of the first successful soft-landers on Mars - 1:8 scale
[right] Before Sojourner and the MERs, a possible future Viking rover?

A possible future Mars Rover?
The Hubble Space Telescope - 1:16 scale model

[left] The Hubble Space Telescope - 1:16 scale[right] The Soviet Union sent several 'Venera' probes to Venus, with landers that lasted progressively longer and longer in the harsh atmosphere. This model represents either the Venera 9 or 10 lander


Soviet Venera -  Veunus - Probe

Models are available for hire - or can be commissioned

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