In 1951, in celebration of the ending of the Second World War and the new world to come in the future, this country held the 'Festival of Britain'.
As a centerpiece SKYLON was created; a soaring needle pointing
towards the skies.


Over half a century on and the site and the contents of the Festival of Britain are long gone, but the SKYLON name lives on in an unique REUSABLE space plane.

The man behind this notion is ALAN BOND, British rocket engineer who worked with the late Val Cleaver, one of Britain's foremost rocket pioneers.


Alan Bond - creator of SKYLON

Alan Bond and his creation - SKYLON

Work on the development of SKYLON - and its predecessor HOTOL - has been going on for many years.

However an initially strange request was received late 1997 from the CEO of a company in
Battersea, South London, for a model of SKYLON to hang in the showrooms. Odd
perhaps as the company specialises in very select tiles - WORLD'S END TILES.

However on reflection the connection is perhaps not that peculiar. Spacecraft use the science and technology of ceramics for heat shields and - with certain specific modifications - the tiles that decorate the walls of your bathroom,and not that far removed from the tiles that protect the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters on re-entry.

Pauls - Portelli and Penn-Sayers - examine the shell of the SKYLON model
The late Paul Portelli (left), then CEO of WORLD'S END TILES and Paul Penn-Sayers examine the canards of the 1:18 scale SKYLON model in Paul (PS's) workshop.
The Skylon model was built up from many sections of wood, sanded smooth and then coated with resin gel.
Skylon - before the top coat is applied
Skylon arrives in Battersea
Skylon arrives in Battersea after a few trials and tribulations. The models was built in two basic parts - the main fuselage and the wing section which can be seen resting against the wall in the background
Skylon - being lifted - somewhat unceremoniously into place, courtesy of two technicians and a cherry picker....
Skylon - being lifted into position

Skylon - in position

SKYLON - in position in the showroom of WORLD'S END TILES


SKYLON is on display in the Showroom of WORLD'S END TILES
Silverthorne Road, Battersea, London SW8 3HE.