Over the years I have done a lot of work for the Science Museum including permanent displays, individual temporary displays, and have been a Guest Curator for three shows
Unless noted, these models should still be on display!

Right - this 1:48 scale model of the Russian Mir Space Station was built to celebrate the mission by Anglo-American astronaut Michael Foale. Click image for the full story.
(No longer on display in this form)

left-right - Mat Irvine, Michael Foale and, curator of the Space Gallery, Doug Millard


Below - this full size model of the first American Mars Rover, Sojourner, was built for display on the actual touch-down of Pathfinder, that carried Sojourner to Mars, on July 4th 1997.
(Not currently on display)


Sojourner Sojourner

Above - Vacation on Mars. It uses a Real-Space Models 1:24 scale Viking Lander

Below - The Rocket Park - 30 international launchers all in 1:144 scale. On reflection, it needs updating!

Above - Spacecraft - the display uses a wide range of commercial model kits. It was intended as a microcosm of my book CREATING SPACE

Below - detail of the Rocket Park

Rocket Park
Rocket Park
Goddard Lunar Module

Above - Two models of Robert Goddard rockets. Initially these were thought to have originated from Goddard himself, via the Smithsonian Institution.
No they were built by me for the Smithsonian, and got 'lost in translation'!

Below - One of the Mars Attacks characters, part of a long-running exhibit, Cosmos & Culture, which closed in 2016
(So not currently on display)

Above - With the rebuilding of the full-size Lunar Module, an indication as to how it fitted into the whole Saturn V launcher was required, so this 1:144 scale model was built, showing its storage position for the LM.

Below - Unbeknown to me, in that I did not supply the model to the Museum, this is a photo of a model of an Ion Engined craft I'd originally built for Rutherford Laboratories!

Mars Attacks Ion Engine

Above - A spacecraft powered by a light beam of light

Below - Star Trek's USS Enterprise, used as part of the Speed of Light display (Not currently on display)

Above - 1:16 scale model of the German V-2 rocket. (Not currently on display)

Below - I was asked to provide 'an object' that meant something to me and/or led to my career for the display on the mezzanine floor. I chose the Airfix model of the Orion spaceplane as it linked to both hobby - models, and work - special effects!

USS Enterprise